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Jack N’ Jill Parties | Not Just for Kids - Adults Too!

About Us

Children’s Entertainment:
Take your celebration to another realm of fun with a themed party by Jack N’ Jill Parties. We’ll keep your guests entertained with a range of characters from clowns, Magicians, Polly Pumpkin, Christmas elves, princesses, Magic Jill and more.

Fun for Kids: Magic, Balloon Animals & Face Painting
From Sparkles the Clown’s mesmerizing entertainment at a children’s birthday party to a Christmas elf who delivers your holiday telegram, Jack N’ Jill Parties has a character to match your event and theme. No kid’s party is complete without balloons; balloon animals are a great addition to your party. We can also deliver helium balloons to each of your guests.

Want to add sparkle to your party with glitter tattoos? Jack N’ Jill Parties offers face painting, as well as temporary henna tattoos which are a fun, long-lasting way to express your creativity.

Dance with DJ Steve: Birthday Idea for ages 10 & up
Your guests get to make requests & enjoy a dance party including lights and an interactive DJ teaching them dance moves. He’s known as the pied piper because he can even get teenagers following him, mimicking his every move.

Prop Booth Fun: Capture memories with 100’s of wacky props and a variety of colorful backdrops to choose from, your guests will have fun dressing up in different ways & posing for pictures. (birthdays/events for kids)

Contact Jack N’ Jill Parties today to schedule a guest appearance for your next event.

Adult Entertainment:
Arrange a character balloon-o-gram to deliver an extra special greeting to a co-worker, family or friend. Imagine the lasting memory a Nerd, Shapely Blond, or Gorilla etc, would make visiting them at work, in a restaurant or at a local pub. A perfect gift for those who are hard to buy for or deserve a little payback! Choose a Helium Balloon Bouquet or a Balloon Twisting Flower Bouquet, available for all occasions.

Weddings and Events
DJ Steve is an interactive DJ that dances with the crowd & teaches them dance moves; you can’t help but laugh when watching him interact with people, encouraging participation & showing off his energetic dance moves. Don’t be surprised if he amazes your guests with some table magic! He is also a well known and loved DJ at a popular local dance Club.

His extensive music library with a variety of diverse types of music accommodates all ages and interests. With 17 years of experience reading a crowd and knowing what song to play when, this reliable DJ knows how to get your dance party started.

Available for all occasions; weddings, house parties, corporate events, Christmas Parties - with two computers, extra lights & speakers as a backup, your special event will be a success.

Photo Prop Booth: Variety of Colors & Styles, Adjustable Sizes and 100’s of Unique Props.

Learn more about Jack N’ Jill Parties
A home-based business started 30 years ago
Over 25 characters for different occasions
Sparkles & Bob the Clown got married as clowns in Vegas at the Little White Chapel
The owner invented a princess named, “LadySparkledust” for little girls birthday parties
She wrote a storybook adventure about this princess and her dog “Glitter Pup”
Some little girls grew up to have the princess entertain at their child’s birthday
Years ago, magic was scarce so she had to learn tricks by visiting the library
The owner is a Child Development Worker, Educational Transliterator & Educational Assistant
Bob the Clown is a social worker, as well as a popular DJ for the past 17 years at a local club
Together, they expanded into the wedding industry (DJ, Karaoke, Photobooth)
Now, giving back to communities by offering services to senior care homes & sick children
The goal is to travel Alberta entertaining at events, enjoying life with a job they love & still pay the bills


Music & Entertainment Services for Adults

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Jack N' Jill Parties

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